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You’re Already Saving Money with ImpactConnect.

Why Not Get Paid Too?


Refer friends and get $10 referral credit for each referral.

Introducing the ImpactConnect Referral program.
Here's how you can get as much as referral credit on your ImpactConnect Service in just three easy steps:

How does it work?
Step 1    Tell your friends and/or family members about ImpactConnect
Step 2    For each friend or family member who signs up, you’ll be rewarded with $10 referral credit.
Step 3    You can make as many as referrals as you wish, which would equal to $10 for each referral.

If you want to refer a friend:

Click here to send your friend an email about ImpactConnect    


Click here to enter your friend’s information and we’ll reach out to him/her about ImpactConnect    

Can my friend who I referred also refer his/her friends?
Yes, referred customers may begin making their own referrals as soon as their account is active.

If you have any questions about the ImpactConnect referral program, please send us an email at

In order to receive $10 referral credit, your account must be kept in good standing and the referred customer must stay on the ImpactConnect plan for 60 days, pay 2 invoices in full, and have an active and good standing account status. Referrers cannot sign themselves up or multiple telephone numbers at one address. After making a referral, you will see referral credit of $10 on your invoice.