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How it works

Any Platform, Any Phone, Any Place

ImpactConnect is the best combination of savings and quality.

How it works


ImpactConnect is the the most affordable telephone service. For less than $5 per month, you will get the clearest calls, to anywhere in the world.

Using the internet, you connect to our network and we connect you to the world with clear calls at a low rate.

Call with confidence when you ImpactConnect.

ImpactConnect calls are carried on the Lingo network - a modern, fiber based network that is used by major phone carriers in the nation.

We offer a wide range of packages that fit your lifestyle.

Calling just a little and want the convenience of an additional line?
ImpactConnect One starts at $4.99 per month.

Are you a power user who racks up the minutes calling across the nation?
ImpactConnect Unlimited delivers unlimited domestic long distance calls for $9.99 per month.

Are you a global caller who is regularly in touch with people around the world?
ImpactConnect Global Unlimited gives you unlimited domestic and international long distance* for just $19.99 per month.

*Includes unlimited international calling to selected destinations. For a list of included destinations, click here.

Call the way you want – clear, confident & consistent.

How do you call today? We have a plan for that - for any type of caller or any type of phone.

Keep your existing phone number

Sign up today ImpactConnect will send you ImpactConnect VoxBox, which connects to your broadband router. Plug your home phone into ImpactConnect VoxBox and start calling anyone around the world.

Easy to use with ImpactConnect VoxBox
Unlimited incoming calls
International calls at a low, dependable rate
Keep your existing number or get a new number in the area code of your choice
Free phone adapter and 30-day trial
The best way to cut the cord and save on your home phone bill

With ImpactConnect App, you can add value to your smartphone. Call anywhere without using your cellular minutes.

Easy signup and easy setup
No roaming costs
Unlimited incoming calls
Keep your number

ImpactConnect App is on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and it’s free. Install ImpactConnect App on your device and enjoy clear calls to anyone from wherever you are in the world.

Wi-Fi calls with no cellular charges
ImpactConnect App - compatible with iOS & Android
Includes all tablets and the iPod Touch – no SIM card needed
Online signup, setup and control

ImpactConnect is built on the most current technology and is compatible with every SIP-compatible telephone device. Sign up, plug it in and start to dial.

Clear calls and complete control
Add a line or add some features
Complete control through MyAccount
Forward calls to your existing phones

ImpactConnect is easy to use on whatever phone you use today. Call the way you want, wherever you are, whenever you’d like – at a rate you can afford.